Friday, May 11, 2012

Heaven, Hell, etc.

I'll be damned, & I have been. These damn long gone days. Days alone, fruitless as a dried up vine, & they're all mine. Prolonged sunshine before the solstice. Damn long days. If hell is fire and the absence of god, then you know it must be bright, & lonely. So I guess I've been damned, but with bird chirps & neighbors. Damned with a roof & a thermostat. Damned without shade from the tree that they murdered. Damned to the season of spring. Damn these long days.

So, is this hell? It could be heaven for all I know. Everything's relative in this dimension, just ask Albert. Although even Einstein only had a theory. Here it seems that heaven is fleeting and hell holds steady. It has its moments. It also has its eternities. Like loneliness. In prison they have "solitary confinement", for the people who need to be put in a prison within a prison. Here outside the cells and the walls and the barbed wire, solitude can confine as well. Without love the world is a cell. Home alone in hell.

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