Friday, March 30, 2012

Shit Fuck Death

Ahahaha.. shit, fuck, death.. this came to me as I sat and contemplated life. Complicated strife? Constipated knife? ahahaha

I was sitting/shitting here thinking/stinking about how fucking clever I am. Life has three stages: the evolution of shit from "in your pants" to "in the toilet", the evolution of fucking yourself to fucking other people, and finally the devolving back into the nitrogen cycle: becoming both shit and cum all at once, rotting into fertilizer and food. Well, not really, since humans have made it their mission to be as worthless in death as they are destructive in life. Assholes to ashes, detritus to dust. Heaven forbid the trematode should feed the earthworm. Too self-important to rot, unworthy of mummification; the modern human fills cemeteries just to prove that they didn't stop with strip-malls, suburbs, and golf courses. "Drop the bomb, destroy them all!" - Colonel Kurtz