Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bottle o' Wine

I just got back from a drive, a drive without a destination, just four wheels and a radio station. I was hungry & thirsty, but I couldn't pull over until the show was over. I was busy falling in love with Rickie Lee Jones.

It was a lonely night. No night is a lonelier night than a lonely Saturday night. So I decided to use my empty stomach and thirst to my advantage, & drink a bottle of wine, for a buzz that strong & pure. It's not like I drink to solve my problems, I just drink, and sometimes the problems just happen to be along for the ride. Mmm.. this wine is dark & dry, just like my sense of humor. I don't drink a lot of wine, & I don't exactly know why. It's a great buzz, a body buzz, a buzz that hugs you when it says hello & holds you close like a lover or a touchy-feely friend that you don't see often enough. The wine is in my big Bugs Bunny coffee cup, which is white on the inside & stained by black coffee with whiskey & red wine with more red wine.

So I'm about to the bottom of my 2nd cup. I think I'll top it off. Once the bottle is done, my night will begin. The plan is for my shoes to get reacquainted with the road. There are taverns within walking distance, and from there, cabs to call. Going out solo is a fork in an unknown road. You might run into someone you know (good thing) or you might run into someone you know (bad thing). You might turn strangers into friends, or strangers might turn themselves into people you wish were still strangers. Strange is a two-way street. You're never more alone than when you're alone in a crowd.

Well it's been awhile since I uncorked this bottle, & the last of it is in the cup. Bottoms up! Well, in a way: I'm a drinker, not a slammer. A marathon man. On my first stop tonight, I'll order something white & boozy & bubbly: like me! Perhaps a vodka press or a gin & sweet. Oh yeah, & maybe I should eat something. Or hit the titty bar. A man has appetites.

"Stay, & help me to end the day. And if you don't mind, we'll break a bottle of wine. Stick around, & maybe we'll put one down. 'Cause I'd like to find what lies behind those eyes." - Pink Floyd

Friday, April 27, 2012

Writer's block? I guess if you're blocked, then you're not much of a writer, at least not at the time. If you wanna write, then think & start typing. "When you hafta shoot: shoot, don't talk." - Tuco  

I used to work with a lot of well-meaning dumb-fucks. Not horrible people, just annoying, and expendable. The kind that remind you how much this planet needs a plague. Now I may come across as an angry bastard, because I am, but I'm not an idiotic shit-storm of halitosis either. I remember this one walking fossil who used to dismiss rap music by claiming that he could do that, as if it's just some dude talking. As if anyone wanted to listen to this bass ackward cracker under any circumstance. Gawd.. why don't people just die?

So if I don't have anything good to say, should I say nothing at all? Maybe those seemingly peaceful monks who take those vows of silence are secretly rage-filled fans of Slayer.

Oh man, I do hate people, but there's lots of things that I love. I love my family & my cat & my girlfriend & my friends. I love chicken, and television. And I fuckin' love music! And I fuckin' love fucking my girlfriend!! I love baseball. Oh, & oh hells yes, I love sleep. Sleepy sleeps. Sometimes when I sleep I stop breathing, & someday I"m gonna stop breathing altogether & sleep forever. And I'm gonna love that more than anything.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


  • alright I'll riff for ya
  • spill it
  • as you kill it
  • you're never gonna fill it
  • the void
  • paranoid
  • anxiety
  • separation from society
  • who claimed your rights?
  • bought your propriety?
    • claimed a stake
    • through your hear
    • t
    • sold your art
    • as chicken feed
    • to the sheep that breed
    • the virus
    • inside us
    • that we are
    • a scar
    • on the smooth beauty
    • of what could be
    • but isn't
    • & you know what rhymes with "isn't"?
    • nothing
    • so die
    • useless
    • irrelevent
    • self-important
      • scum
      • you're cum
      • that should've been swallowed
      • hollow
      • be your name
      • overflowing
      • be your shame
      • your game
      • is over
      • bend over
      • you're fucked
      • you suck
      • die
      • die
      • die